“In Bioagros we always pay special attention to the excellent quality of our products. Our products are the first choice among people who follow a healthy diet and seek for great taste.”

Kostas Papadopoulos, CEO

Organic food is not a myth. It has a proven positive impact on human health and the environment. The production of organic products is based on natural ways and techniques of cultivation, non-use of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics or hormones and the use of alternative forms of protection, while maintaining the natural balance and fertility of the soil. Organic food is considered to be safer than conventional foods (lower nitrate concentration, agrochemicals and a ban on genetic modification in organic farming) and provide the nutrients that contribute to the proper development of children free from toxic and mutagenic agents.

Organically grown foods have 63% higher content calcium, 73% iron and 118% magnesium, 29% lower content mercury and 30% higher antioxidant levels about than conventional ones.
• Nutrients in organic products are at a higher concentration in edible parts of food, which positively affects their flavor and aroma.
• Organic foods must be certified. Find the specific marking that must be affixed to the packaging by a recognized organization (national / global).

Choosing organic products
• Protect your health and your family.
• You give the example to children and can thus acquire a different life philosophy as they learn to consume nutritious foods with greater environmental consciousness.
• Ensure workers' health in agricultural production.
• Reduce the ecological footprint and behave environmentally friendly.

We apply ISO 2200 AND WE ARE CERTIFIED BY TUV HELLAS member of TUV NORD. Standard Agricultural Production and Rural Environment.. Our company is a member of the HE. R. R. Co (Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation).

•We protect the consumers
•We constantly check by sampling and testing our products for residues.
•Every year we do at least residue analysis beyond the basic requirement inspections.
•We strive to protect the citizens from the scourge of GM food products.
•We organize consumer information campaigns to prohibit the use of neonicotinoid pesticides that destroy bee population.

• We work closely with Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and Agricultural University of Athens to implement education and research programs which aim to continuous development of the organic sector. .
•We work with several research centers in Greece and abroad for the study and treatment of various problems in production.