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Bioagros was founded in 1990 by the agronomist – organic farmer Kostas Papadopoulos. For 28 years we are one of the largest and leading Greek organic food companies offering consumers high nutritional value.Learn about us
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Organic food is not a myth. It has a proven positive impact on human health and the environment. The production of organic products is based on natural ways and techniques of cultivation, non-use of fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, antibiotics or hormones and the use of alternative forms of protection, while maintaining the natural balance and fertility of the soil.
βιολογικά προϊόντα

Bioagros has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every season!

Organic fruits and organic vegetables are grown without fertilizers and herbicides and grow gradually without any external interference in their natural processes, absorbing all the necessary ingredients from the rich soil of the area. Because chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used, they maintain excellent nutritional and flavor. Bioagros' organic fruits and organic vegetables can be consumed with vegetable's and fruit's peels.
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Bioagros superfoods have a high nutritional value compared to other foods and cover a wide range of our daily and energy needs.
Bioagros gives priority to nutritional supplements, investing and continuously adding new products to its range, looking for innovation and high nutritional value all over the world to offer the best to its customers!
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Bioagros presents the first organic baby gluten-free and no added sugar desserts!

Bioagros is always a pioneer in creating products that combine the characteristics of a balanced and healthy diet, introducing you to the new line of delicious baby desserts BABY YO. For the first time, our little friends will enjoy three wonderful and healthy combinations of fruits and yogurt! Bioagros’ new organic baby desserts are here to make you happy! Try them!