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We raised a generation!

The BioAgros SA company was founded in 1990 by the agronomist - organic farmer Costas Papadopoulos. Today we are the largest organic food company which deals with the production and trade of organic food in Greece and one of the most pioneering, present in more than 20 countries and 3 continents. With consistency and a sense of responsibility for the proper nutrition of our consumers, we offer organic foods & beverages of high nutritional value. The BioAgros brand is a guarantee that "you know what you eat"!

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Why organic foods?

Organic food is not a myth
They have been shown to have a positive effect on human health and the environment.

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apple world biological

They are free of pesticides, chemicals and genetically modified ingredients

biological worldwide

For the protection of the planet, water resources and soil


For strong body and wellness

baby bio-friendly foods

For children's healthcare

badge certs bio

They are rich in vitamins and nutrients

fullbody biological defense

They have 30% more antioxidants

vitamins biological foods

They are higher in content of calcium, iron and magnesium

bio food eco organic

They are certified by Greek and global institutions

bio joy

Learn • Find • Win

At "Bio Joy" you will find everything you want to know about organic products, a balanced diet and you can win gifts and learn even more about "Healthy Living"! Join us!

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The coolest Bio Joy Giveaway is here!

The coolest Bio Joy Giveaway is here!

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Here you can read our latest news!

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First aid seminar in BioAgros!

First aid seminar in BioAgros!

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IURC Programm

IURC Programm

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BioAgros in the

BioAgros in the "celebration" of organic products!

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