Bioagros farms

agroktimata bioagros

Bioagros farms

Fresh from the field, fresh on your table in just a few hours!

BIOAGROS farms are located in Pella, the "green heart" of Greece. It is an area with a unique microclimate and rich subsoil in organic matter, due to the former and now dried up Giannitsa Lake. Every year, analyses carried out on the soils we cultivate, both at the physicochemical and microbiological level, show that there is a rich substrate of trace elements and microbial flora, giving us the comparative advantage in the cultivation of quality organic fruit and vegetables.

At BIOAGROS farms we respect and protect nature, taking advantage of the mechanisms that nature itself uses for our benefit. Thus, enhancing the substrate of our soils by using beneficial microorganisms, we create robust plants, rich in vegetation and flowering, and with reduced susceptibility.

Like any other organism on the planet, a plant does not function independently. In its root system and its leaf surface, specialised bacteria and fungi coexist, creating a wondrous ecosystem based on the exchange of products. The mycorrhizal fungi and PGPRs that we use act as a shield against other pathogenic microorganisms. They also enrich the plant with trace elements and minerals, which would otherwise be difficult to exploit. The healthy plant will pass on the health benefits to the people who will consume its fruits.

By choosing our organic farm, you will be sure to choose for your customers, delicious fruits, with great nutritional value and long life, strong colours and aromas taken from the village vegetable garden.