biologika proionta ekdhlwseis


biologika proionta ekdhlwseis In Bioagros, our main priority is to produce new products with excellent organoleptic characteristics, excellent nutritional value and ‘Greek flavor. We are proud to export our organic Greek products and with them the Greek culture. The dynamics of Industry abroad has been growing more and more in recent years. Our Greek products are valued and recognized by old and new partners. In Bioagros we always pay special attention to the excellent quality of our raw materials of our products and the design of their packaging. We believe that a great product is required to be accompanied with a beautiful packaging.
• We invest in extroversion that stimulates the Greek economy.
• We invest in exports (mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, olive oil, feta cheese, olives, raisins, pasta, pomegranate juice, etc).
• Every year we invest substantial amounts to promote organic Greek products to aboard and participate in recognized international exhibitions.
• W export our products to more than 20 countries such as Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, England, Fyrom, Germany, Lithuania, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Poland and United States of America.