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Category: Exhibitions

Strained Goat Yoghurt “Velοudo” on Novelty Stand, in Biofach 2018, among the best products.

Bioagros participated in “Biofach”, the biggest organic exhibition worldwide, in Nuremberg, Germany from 14th -17th of February, presenting to the visitors of the stand a plethora of Greek delicatessen products with its strained goat yoghurt, “Velοudo”, being the top amongst them. “Velοudo”, which is produced from 100% daily organic goat milk and is drained traditionally in a cloth called “tsantila”, participated in the Novelty Stand exhibition of Europe's best products and innovations. "Velοudo" gained particularly positive reviews and attracted the interest of many buyers from supermarket chains and wholesalers from many parts of the earth.

Category: Event

Promotion "rodi" juice

A fabulous event took place at one of the "Biologiko Xorio" stores, starring Bioagros Organic Juice "Rodi".

Organic pomegranate juice "rodi" is produced with clear juice technology only from the pomegranate seeds, removing the outer and inner peel with high-tech machines. So Organic Pomegranate juice of Bioagros, keeps all the nutrients of the fruit and reaches our glass freshly squeezed and 100% natural!

Bioagros thank all those who visited us and had the chance to taste the organic natural juice, as well as all those who were conceived in the perfect event!

Category: Event

Promotion “Freche Freunde” children's snow

A unique tasting experience was held on September 11 at the 42nd and 43rd Primary School of Thessaloniki by Bioagros and its members in order to inform our young friends and their parents!

Emilio Milo, Fifi or Strawberry and other Frees Freunde's heroes donated snacks and distributed informative material about delicious and healthy snacks with fruit and vegetables for children that are 100% organic, sugar-free & without preservatives!