Great Taste awards, which are organized by the Guild of Fine Food for 25 years now and considered to be the "Food Oscars", has distinguished Bioagros’ Greek organic strained goat yoghurt "Veloudo” among 12,634 products during a multi-month evaluation process where selected chefs, buyers, wholesalers, restaurant owners and food critics tried the products meticulously with their eyes closed. Judges are looking for true, wonderful flavor regardless of the packaging and product name. “Veloudo’s” velvety taste is a result of the aromatic, pure organic milk, which hides within the fertile land and the excellent microclimate of mountain Paiko in Pella where our goats browse, as well as the traditional preparation of it in cloths. This taste won “Veloudo” 2 Great Taste stars that place it as a great product and guarantee its excellence after a rigorous assessment.
Bioagros' "Veloudo" is the "only organic" goat yoghurt produced exclusively by 100% Greek goat's milk and drained in cloths. This is the secret for its velvety texture, denseness and wonderful rich flavor that reminds of old times!