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The market for vegan products is one of the fastest growing in the world. More and more consumers, mainly for health reasons, choose to eliminate meat from their diet or reduce it significantly, replacing it with vegetable substitutes.

BioAgros, always a pioneer and modern with the evolving international food trends, brings Veggs to Greece. The first 100% vegetable gluten-free egg substitute in powder, suitable for vegan and vegetarian, while it is also an excellent choice for people who are allergic to eggs.

Ready in just three minutes, it can replace eggs in any recipe, savory or sweet, with complete success. You will find it in organic and grocery stores.

* The contents of a pack of Veggs is equivalent to 32 large chicken eggs.

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Vegan awards 2020 are here to reward the most innovative products from companies that promote vegan lifestyle. To reward the ones who constantly remind us that vegan products create a more ethical and socially responsible market.

Vegan awards held for the first time in Greece by Boussias Communications with a jury of distinguished team of professors, scientists and reporters. The results have been announced on the 14th of December 2020 and can be viewed in

Four products of the Bioagros - Biodiatrofiki group that were distinguished among dozens of vegan innovative products winning 3 GOLD and 1 SILVER awards in the categories:

  • Best Non-Dairy Milk Product of the year with the product "Organic Oatmeal Drink with Cocoa The Bridge"
  • Best Non-Dairy Yogurt of the year with the product "Organic Yogurt Dessert with Soy with Calcium & Bifidus Sojasun"
  • Vegan Functional Product of the year with the product "Nutritional Yeast in Flakes with the addition of B12 Evergreen"
  • Vegan Spreads, Dips and Sauces of the year with the product "Organic Chocolate with Hazelnut La Vida Vegan"

We are committed to continue to offer you products that stand out for their taste, quality and nutritional value!

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The crunchy Real Breakfast cereals are made from pure organic ingredients that are baked in the oven. They do not contain preservatives or added sugar.

In a small piece of Real Breakfast you can find all the energy and power of 8 different ingredients of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, olive oil, fiber and natural pulps!

Can be combined with milk, plant-based drinks or yogurt.