Fruit of the month


In fall, Bioagros offers you pleasant moments with organic fresh kiwi! They are delicious and rich in nutrients. A nutritious and especially beneficial fruit for the human organism, kiwi is the predominantly fruit of the winter. It is very juicy and has a characteristic sweet and sour taste. Consuming a single kiwi can cover our daily vitamin C needs. Kiwi is not only beneficial to health but also has a low caloric value for those who care about their diet. You can consume it raw, in dessert or make your own kiwi jam. Its nutritional value is preserved in any form. Add this super vegetable to your spring routine and taste what it has to offer you!

Cultivation Area


Bioagros’ organic kiwi is cultivated in the green areas of Imathia. The mild and warm climate of the region, contributes to the excellent quality of the kiwi produced there and destined mainly to European countries. Imathia is the leader in the production of kiwi. Bioagros’ producers with the right harvest of plants and without the use of pesticides, achieve our excellent natural kiwi.

The producer

We cultivate our organic kiwi with care and we are proud to export them abroad. The wonderful taste as well as the excellent appearance, owe them to the mild and warm climate and to the rich ecosystems of our region! Combined with the excellent application of organic cultivation techniques that meet the strict Bioagros standards, our organic kiwi comes from our field at your table!
Mr. John, Organic farmer