Mixed rice with nuts and dried fruits


- 1 1/2 cup of mixed rice BioAgros

- 1 chicken broth cube

- 1 tbsp. butter

- 4 glasses of water

- 3 tbsp. olive oil

- 50 g organic pistachio BioAgros

- 30 g organic pine nuts BioAgros

- 40 g organic black currant BioAgros

- Salt and pepper

- 1 peeled pomegranate

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We melt the butter in a pan with the olive oil on low heat and sauté the peanuts, pine nuts and raisins. Add the rice, salt and pepper and leave for 2 minutes.

Then we add the water with the broth cube and wait for it to boil, mixing very well with a wooden spoon. Cover with the lid until it absorbs all the liquids.

Remove from the heat and leave the pilaf covered for at least 10΄.

Place in a form for a festive design and serve on a plate with a little pomegranate for garnish. Accompanies wonderful poultry and pork.

Bon appétit!
Recipe by @nikis_food