The next day for Greek yogurt: BioAgros’ Veloudo conquers Europe!

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The discussion topic at the BOUSSIAS Dairy Conference, was the Greek yogurt in the European market. Key participants were Kostas Papadopoulos, general manager of BioAgros, George Meleneklis, head of "Menoikio", Antoni Polykandrioti, Export Marketing Manager of DELTA, and George Tsinavos, Supply Chain Director of Kri-Kri.

Kostas Papadopoulos also referred to the transport issue, emphasizing that transport costs is not a primary cost factor that affects BioAgros’ sales. That’s why because the company produces small yoghurt quantities and targets niche markets, which pay more money for a high quality product. At the same time, he spoke about a new production unit investment with greater capacity in Kria Vrisi, with which Bioagros will expand to new European markets, mainly in Switzerland and Austria, where there are already agreements with delicatessen chains.